Sega Mega CD for Sale

The Sega Mega CD was an add on for the Sega Mega Drive, released in the early 90s. This came in a few different varieties which you will see listed below. This add on allowed for a selection of CD based games to be played on the Mega Drive and has become a hugely popular collectable even today.

You will find all the Mega CD consoles listed below, which in some cases come complete with a Mega Drive console, or as standalone. Some of these boxed demand a high price, but you may still find a great deal on this site.


£82.00 (11 Bids)

Time Remaining: 1h 10m

Sega Mega-CD Black Console (PAL)

£70.00 (2 Bids)

Time Remaining: 5d 21h 33m

Sega Mega CD2 Console + Sega Megadrive 2 Console + Games Bundle (PAL)


Time Remaining: 23d 22h 23m

Sega Mega CD2 Console Boxed, (PAL)

£30.00 (8 Bids)

Time Remaining: 6d 47m

Sega Mega-CD


Time Remaining: 28d 16m

Sega Mega-CD Black Console (PAL)

£190.00 (1 Bid)

Time Remaining: 2d 43m

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